Terms of engagement

Any assignment to the lawyers of our office will be subject to the following warrants and terms, unless otherwise agreed.

Lawyers All lawyers have been duly licensed to practice law before the Greek courts and are members of the Bar Association.

Conflict Prior to accepting any assignment, we will ensure that there is no conflict of interest. Should a conflict arise in the future, we will notify the principal accordingly and if appropriate, we may stop acting for him.

Confidentiality We shall keep any information received in connection with the assignment confidential and we will not disclose it to third parties or use it in any way, except for serving the principal's interests. We will take every reasonable precaution for protecting the data and communication with the principal but we will not accept responsibility for any violation of secrecy due to malicious actions of third parties.

Material in our possession When a matter has been completed or the assignment has ended, all material provided to us or generated during the handling of the matter, may be handed over to the principal upon his request, provided that all our invoices have been settled. Unless there is a reason to the contrary, we shall be entitled to keep a copy of critical documents for safety reasons.

Third parties engaged We shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of other professionals we may engage on behalf of the principal (private investigators, translators, court bailiffs, accountants, expert witnesses etc.), unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Termination of assignment The principal may end the instruction any time but he will be liable for our fee and expenses up to the date that the instruction ended. We also reserve the right to withdraw from a case if there are exceptional reasons at our discretion that compel us to do so.

Use of advice Our advice is provided in connection with each individual assignment and therefore it should not be used for any other purpose or matter without our prior consent. We shall not be responsible to third parties for the advice we have provided to principals. Moreover, we shall not be responsible for any information or advice published in this site or for any other publication (newsletters, brochures etc.).

Fees & Expenses Our fees will be calculated on the basis of the time spent on a case by each member of our office. Our hourly rates take into account the experience and knowledge of the lawyers involved in each case. We generally engage lower compensated lawyers, where possible, in order to minimize the cost of the principal. If too much time is spent on a matter of ordinary nature, the fee may be reduced accordingly. Alternatively and upon request of the principal, other methods of billing can be applied, provided that the nature of the case allows it. A fixed or a contingency fee may possibly be agreed at the stage of instructing us. A discount can also be offered, if the final cost appears disproportionate to the value at stake or for other reasons. We will expect to be reimbursed for court expenses as well as for our out-of-pocket expenses, such as: photocopies, taxi-expenses, long distance telephone calls, courier, legalization of documents, travel and subsistence expenses etc. A deposit may also be requested in case that a substantial amount should be spent at an early or preparatory stage on behalf of the principal.

Invoicing Our policy is to invoice when the assignment has been completed. Long time assignments may be invoiced at intermediate intervals. We are in any case obliged by tax law to invoice services no later than the end of the year in which they have been rendered.

VAT As a rule, Greek tax law provides for VAT 24% on services rendered by lawyers. We shall not charge the client with VAT in cases that same can be exempted by virtue of national laws or International Treaties  (EU companies may be exempted from VAT if registered with VIES, residents of non-EU countries may be exempted from VAT for services they receive in their country etc.).

Law & Venue Any dispute arising between the principal and our lawyers will be subject to the Greek law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Athens. Only the lawyers that were involved in a case will be accountable to the principal.

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