Marine Salvage in Greece

By Kostas Spaidiotis

The law

Greece has ratified the International Convention on Salvage of 1989 as of the year 1997 (hence called as “the Convention”). As the heading denotes, this article does not deal with an analysis of the Convention, for which one can find abundant literature but it shortly comments on certain issues from the perspective of Greek law and practice, although some general knowledge is unavoidably included for better comprehension of these comments.

Aspects of marine labour law

By Kostas Spaidiotis

It is a sad truth that human activity will always involve failures and accidents. Shipping is not an exception, no matter how strict safety measures are implemented from time to time. This article combines a very short introduction to the marine-labour accident under Greek law with an attempt to clarify, as possible within the scope of a short introduction, few issues that cause confusion.

Ship arrest in Greece

By Kostas Spaidiotis

Law and Procedure


Greece has acceded to the International Convention relating to the Arrest of Sea-Going Ships signed at Brussels in 1952 (henceforth “the Brussels Convention or the Convention”) but it has not implemented so far the newer Convention on Arrest of Ships of 1999, which notably, as compared to the former, has been ratified by only few countries up to date. Since in most cases of ships’ arrest, there will be connections to more than one jurisdictions that will bring about the application of the said Convention (i.e. the one of 1952), the basic provisions of the same are briefly discussed below.